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Having worked with substantial number of factories around Asia Pacific for over 10 years, I notice that a significant number of people still live below the poverty line and struggling to make a living. Thanks to the NGO’s, efforts are being made to improve the standard of living of people through various schemes and projects.

I believe now it’s my turn to give back to the society from whom I have received so much. In that direction, I aim to utilize the immense benefits and qualities of "Organic Textile" to benefit the consumers and also deal with the issue of pollution that is affecting our daily lives.

Together with donations to the charities/churches, I hope to change or at least try to change the standard of living of as many people I possibly can. I will soon also extend my support to Fair trade garments. This would result in extending my expertise and to help my suppliers whom I consider my partners. My aim is to make organic garment so popular and its benefits so valuable that people would only ask for organically produced clothing enriching their lives and benefiting not only the rich but also the poor.

I believe that only if everyone makes some contribution to the society in his or her own way, whether big or small, then only can this beautiful world be a better place to live in.Every little act towards the betterment of the society counts. This is what I believe in!

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